An Alkaline “Grand Slam” Breakfast For My Momma

An Alkaline “Grand Slam” Breakfast For My Momma

Breakfast foods! My favorite! Don’t we all love a nice hot breakfast? My Mom, Sisters and I absolutely love breakfast. We will eat it for every meal. Cereal or a traditional breakfast meal was our #1 go to. Becoming Alkaline, I knew that this important meal of the day was a big deal for my family and I. Mostly me! HeHe…


When I found a combination of approved foods to give me that breakfast fix I was in heaven! If I had to share my “Alkaline Grand Slam” it would be…

Kamut Grits

Quinoa and Walnut Patties

Chickpea Scramble

Green Banana Hash Browns


Teff and Spelt Waffles

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea


On Christmas Eve of 2016 I had the pleasure of cooking my Momma this breakfast meal. It was so much fun creating this for her. She is transitioning to become Alkaline Vegan so it was great sharing the benefits of each thing she ate as well as just enjoying her company while I cooked. I love spending time with my Momma!

My Momma was so happy to try an Alkaline breakfast!

She had Kamut grits, quinoa and walnut patties, and crescents.


She tried it and absolutely loved it. This made my heart glad knowing she was eating something healthy and enjoying every bite. She was very surprised by the resemblance to common breakfast foods. Needless to say, if you look below, she tore it

One thing I am learning from sharing this way of life with people is that you have to meet folks where they are. Give them a sample of what it’s like. Be patient with them as you were once with yourself. I try to make things people are familiar with as a way to show them that their taste buds do not have to suffer while eating healthy. There are ways to get creative with food.

I was grateful that she was willing to try something new. My Momma has been very supportive of my decision to eat healthy and I am proud to say she is almost 100% on her way to a more healthy lifestyle and I am here to help her every step of the way!


What are your favorite Alkaline breakfast meals? Share your pictures and recipes!


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